Contact at 3 locations: NORTH YORK: 647-748-5333; PICKERING: 905-831-8000; SCARBOROUGH: 416-759-5999
D1. Soft Drink : Coke ,Diet coke, Sprite, Orange Crush, Pepsi, Root Beer, Ginger Ale or Apple Juice $2.25
D02. Nestea $2.50
D03. Perrier $3.00
D04. Soy Bean Milk $2.50
D05. Coconut Juice $4.00
D06. Ice Coffee $4.00
D07. Ice Coffee With condensed milk $4.50
D08. Instant Vietnamese Coffee with cream served hot only $3.50
D09. Fresh Passion Fruit Juice $4.00
D10. Spring Water $2.00
D11. Fresh Lime Juice $4.00
D12. Lipton Tea with lemon $4.00
D13. Hot Coffee with Condensed milk $4.00
D14. Hot Coffee with sugar $3.50
D15. Fresh Orange Juice $4.00

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